A new organisation has been founded by both Native American Lakota and Dakota individuals and a wider supporting community of like-minded people.  This group is called ‘Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee’ and was created to honour the memory of those who suffered and died at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota, when Chief Spotted Elk or ‘Big Foot’ was massacred with his band of followers on 29th December, 1890.

This was the original event now often referred to simply as ‘Wounded Knee’ or the Wounded Knee Massacre which took place 125 years ago this December.  Since 1986, a dedicated group of Native Americans follow the route of Big Foot’s original band to the massacre site at Wounded Knee in order to promote healing and reconciliation in their community and beyond.

As this group of ‘Big Foot’ Riders have recently lost their main source of funding, Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee is campaigning for donations to help ensure that this 8-day ride on horseback (or walking or running the same route), now in its 25th year, will indeed take place.

Those at Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee have launched a new website and have started an Indie Go Go Campaign for raising funds for this year’s ride.  Here is a link to the Healing Hearts video.

The tragedy at Wounded Knee is not only infamous in the United States but around the world and this marks the opportunity for a great communication and communion.

And as we enter into ceremony and invite the Sacred to join and guide our journey, we will be starting down a new life path together: “moving forward in a sacred way.”