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Penny of Harthacnut

This coin was part of a hoard discovered in Dunbrody Abbey in Ireland in 1836. The coin had been minted in Exeter and was later buried with 140 other coins...


Making flint tools can be a messy business as it leaves lots of waste. Thousands of pieces of flint working waste have been found at Hembury showing that tools were...

Delftware plate

This plate was made in Bristol in the early 1660s. Its decoration, with painted standing Chinese figures and foliage, imitates Chinese porcelain made around this time. It was excavated from...

Cave hyena

Faunal remains from Kents Cavern. Pengelly number 5640a, Locality: Wolf’s cave, Series: 40, Parallel: 18, Level: 4, Yard: 2R, Deposit: Cave earth, date: 09/10/1871. Relating pages in Pengelly’s diary: 1050....

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