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Fossil shark teeth

Numerous teeth of the ancient shark Hybodus delabechi preserved in Jurassic marine mudstone....

Jug with incised decoration

This jar dates from the Middle Bronze Age in Cyprus. It is handmade and covered with a black slip through which the decoration has been scratched. It belonged to Lieutenant Colonel...


Harpsichords are stringed instruments played with a keyboard. When you press a key, a string is plucked. This harpsichord was made in Florence in 1782 by Vincenzo Sodi. It was...

Black History Month: ‘Portrait of an African’.

Portrait of an African: a well loved painting This portrait (currently titled Portrait of an African), from RAMM’s Fine Art collection, has a high profile. You can see it on book covers, posters and websites, and it is reproduced regularly in Black History Month. You may see it even more often in the coming year […]

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