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Foundation plate from Exe Bridge

This silver plate was placed in the foundation stone of the second Exe bridge when construction began in 1770. The bridge was destroyed by flood in 1772 when this plate...


Label found with object (written in 1974): ‘Pentremites conoideus Hall. Salem Limestone, Sperger Hill, Ind. A.S. Horowitz, 1974.’ Old label: ‘Pentremites conoideus. Shows group. Spurger Hill. Indiana.’ Sladen collection....


This cup dates from the Early Bronze Age. It was collected by Lord Cobham who was Commissioner in Larnaca between 1879 and 1908....

Ross’s trogon

This bird skin might be a type specimen; further research is required. It was collected by General Smee in January 1939. It is described as new species in Lowe, W.P. 1939...

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