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Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace

There are a few names in natural science collections that will cause immediate excitement – Darwin, Wallace, Scott and Bates are high on the list. The story begins It is not uncommon for me to receive phone calls where the conversation proceeds like this, ‘Hello, I’m calling because I found some pieces of taxidermy belonging […]

Japanese triptych book

Japanese triptych book About 1860. Colour woodblock print. Utagawa (Gountei) Sadahide , Utagawa Yoshitora, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Utagawa Kunitsuna, Morikawa Chikashige, Utagawa Yoshifusa and Toyohara Kunichika. Triptych book formed by 12 ukiyo-e prints by various woodblock print designers that include scenes from the renowned tale of the 47 Ronin and other historical and battle scenes. The […]