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Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace PART 2

This blog follows on from my discovery of a bird collected by the great naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace – a Moluccan starling. Not familiar with the name? Many people aren’t. He stands in the shadow of Charles Darwin with whom he discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection: Darwin usually receives all the credit. […]

Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace

There are a few names in natural science collections that will cause immediate excitement – Darwin, Wallace, Scott and Bates are high on the list. The story begins It is not uncommon for me to receive phone calls where the conversation proceeds like this, ‘Hello, I’m calling because I found some pieces of taxidermy belonging […]

Molluscs from George Montagu – Type Specimens at RAMM

New research by Dr Graham Oliver, staff at RAMM and at the Natural History Museum, London has identified type and potential type material in shell collections once belonging to Colonel George Montagu. View Montagu’s type material View all of Montagu’s collection (this will be gradually added to, approximately 600 lots) Colonel George Montagu (1753-1815) is one […]

MA research on a little-known RAMM object

RAMM’s research collection allows the museum’s curators to highlight research opportunities from the collections. Putting collections information online also means researchers can discover objects of interest. Recently, an enquiry from an MA researcher led to RAMM gaining new information about an object. The object RAMM received an enquiry about the dimensions of a small red figure […]