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Charles Tucker: Poverty and Charity in 1920s Exeter

I am a member of a research group hosted by the Devon and Exeter Institution investigating what life was like in Exeter’s West Quarter slums during the 1920s. The area had once been the prosperous heart of Exeter, but was now run down, and home principally to those too poor to afford anywhere else to […]

The Montagu collection of shells receives Designation award

Pioneering naturalist George Montagu (1753-1815) George Montagu was the first person to collect and name British molluscs in a truly scientific manner. The shells were not just attractive curios. Montagu’s pioneering work revolutionised the study of molluscs. His collection of marine, land and freshwater shells it part of RAMM’s natural history collection. The Montagu collection […]

Frederick Gordon Tutton – A pioneer of early colour photography

‘A Domestic Affair’ shows an arrangement of colourful vegetables and kitchen utensil. Tutton’s widow Elsie Eliza Tutton (née Davis) donated it to the Museum in 1934. This print is a good example of early colour photography. It is a so-called tri-colour carbro print and was made in the mid-1920s. This was a very complex and […]

Two paintings discovered in archive

Nancy Stanfield One of our key donors of African textiles is a lady called Nancy Stanfield (nee Clay). Born in Nuneaton in 1905, Stanfield trained in art, passing her entrance exam to the Royal College of Art in 1924 where she studied until 1928. Her passion for art led her to continue her training at […]