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Collected by Alfred Russel Wallace

There are a few names in natural science collections that will cause immediate excitement – Darwin, Wallace, Scott and Bates are high on the list. The story begins It is not uncommon for me to receive phone calls where the conversation proceeds like this, ‘Hello, I’m calling because I found some pieces of taxidermy belonging […]

Frederick Gordon Tutton – A pioneer of early colour photography

‘A Domestic Affair’ shows an arrangement of colourful vegetables and kitchen utensil. Tutton’s widow Elsie Eliza Tutton (née Davis) donated it to the Museum in 1934. This print is a good example of early colour photography. It is a so-called tri-colour carbro print and was made in the mid-1920s. This was a very complex and […]

Lantana bead collection

Very recently RAMM received a generous donation of Lantana beads from Dr. Ann O’Hear.  Lantana beads are West African red stone beads. They are typically made from red jasper, banded agate, chalcedony or carnelian. These beads are made by Yoruba artisans within Ilorin, in south-western Nigeria. Items from this collection will be included in a new suite […]