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Devon Art Pottery

Over the past year some new research has been carried out on one area of RAMM’s ceramic collection: the pottery made in local Devon workshops in the 19th and early...

Reconstructing the Honiton hippo

In 1968 the first Honiton bypass was built. The Ministry of Transport found fossil hippo bones while digging the road. RAMM has reconstructed an almost complete lower jaw from the fragments of bone.

Miss Linter’s Legacy

...snail shell from Miss Linter’s collection 1720/1909/D15/71 Photograph of Miss JE Linter Miss Linter Miss Juliana Emma Linter, an English lady-conchologist, originally came from Devon but spent most of her...

The Hilliard Family in Exeter

...profitable opportunity to re-design ecclesiastical plate for Devon’s churches. Protestant Communion Cup for St Sidwell’s Church by Richard Hilliard. Detail of Richard Hilliard’s mark on his Protestant Communion Cup. Objects...


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