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Cylinder seal

Cylinder seals were used to authenticate clay tablet documents or containers of produce. The scene on this seal shows two rampant bulls, a rampant lion, a man wearing a loin...

Cylinder seal

This cylinder seal is engraved with a contest scene showing a winged genie grasping the leg of a winged human-headed bull. The genie wears a kilt with a fringed mantle...

Mesopotamian cylinder seal

Cylinder seals were used like signatures to authenticate documents, or to secure containers. On this seal a horned animal is standing between a temple and a reed hut. Conical reed...

Mesopotamian cylinder seal

This Akkadian cylinder seal is made from sparry calcite. The image shows a contest scene with a hero figure standing with a lion on the left and another animal on...

Central Africa

In 2005-6, a piece of foundation work was undertaken by researcher Tabitha Cadbury to analyse the whole Central African collection at RAMM

Roman skeletal remains

Roman human remains in the collections of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter