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Indian botanical drawings

Indian botanical drawings discovered to be by three of the most renowned late 18th-century Indian painters – Sheikh Zain al-Din, Bhawani Das and Ram Das.

Historic theft at RAMM

...drawings Basalt Club (“meri”) New Zealand, marked 1185, about 14 inches long. Illustrated. War Axe (“Taawisch” or “Tsuskiah”), having the socket end of the short wooden handle, carved in the...

Sea slugs

Enlarged drawings of two sea slugs found on Devon’s coasts. No shell is present in the adult state, and the breathing organs, in most cases, are exposed on the back...

Botanical drawing, suryavarti

Suryavarti is used to treat jaundice, promote wound healing as a laxative and as a remedy for coughs and colds. Some drawings in this collection, such as this one, are...

Iris lorikeet

Miss Ann Lee was the daughter of the botanist John Lee. This work depicting an iris lorikeet is just one of 79 drawings of butterflies, birds and insects by Lee in...