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Aso olona cloth (artful cloth of many designs); made up of four strips each 40-41cm wide, loosely hand-sewn together. Using hand & machine-spun cotton thread. Densely worked supplementary weft...

Historic collections help understand hawkmoth vision

In 2018 Emmanuelle Briolat visited RAMM’s stored collections. Emmanuelle is a researcher at the University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology & Conservation. In this blog she talks about her interest in hawkmoth vision and how RAMM’s moth collections helped with her research. In a paper published last week Emmanuel and her colleagues explore how artificial […]

European green lizard

Mr JL Sager presented these two lizards to RAMM in 1908. We do not know where he collected them from but today they can be found in much of southeastern...

Green turban

This tropical sea snail was collected around 1957 at Yandina in the Russell Islands....

Pottery fragment

This sherd of Ham Green Ware is handmade and is indented with ‘D. Dawson’. It was excavated from Exe Bridge in the late 1970s....

Violet-green swallow

Male violet-green swallow collected by HK Coale 2 April 1884. From RP Nicholls’ collection....

Violet-green swallow

Male violet-green swallow collected by AC Brooks 14 April 1888. From RP Nicholls’ collection....

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