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What can portraits tell us about black history?

The sitter in ‘Portrait of an African’ plays a key role in the exhibition ‘In Plain Sight’. He is a visible— if silent—witness from the age of Trans-Atlantic slavery. But beyond the obvious fact of his ancestry, visitors might wonder what this clean-cut figure in European dress had to do with the organised cruelty of […]

Historic collections help understand hawkmoth vision

In 2018 Emmanuelle Briolat visited RAMM’s stored collections. Emmanuelle is a researcher at the University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology & Conservation. In this blog she talks about her interest in hawkmoth vision and how RAMM’s moth collections helped with her research. In a paper published last week Emmanuel and her colleagues explore how artificial […]

Botany for sale: the economics of empire

In preparation for two exciting upcoming shows (A Language of Seeds and Seedscapes: Future-Proofing Nature) I have spent time with RAMM’s botany collections. Some plant specimens are local – collected within a few miles of RAMM. Others originate thousands of miles away. In one section of the store there are plant specimens that hold great […]

The Montagu collection of shells receives Designation award

Pioneering naturalist George Montagu (1753-1815) George Montagu was the first person to collect and name British molluscs in a truly scientific manner. The shells were not just attractive curios. Montagu’s pioneering work revolutionised the study of molluscs. His collection of marine, land and freshwater shells it part of RAMM’s natural history collection. The Montagu collection […]

The Hilliard Family in Exeter

Richard Hilliard and the Goldsmith’s Trade Although there is evidence of goldsmithing in Exeter as early as Roman times, it was not until the 16th century that the trade flourished in the West Country. Richard Hilliard belonged to a community of goldsmiths working in the city, primarily around the Guildhall and Broadgate areas. The son […]

Exploring the Martin Brothers Collection at RAMM

The Martins in Context The four Martin brothers were pioneers in the production of Victorian studio pottery. Renowned for their eccentric and fantastical designs, the brothers worked during the Gothic Revival and the Arts and Crafts movement – major 19th Century reactions to the Industrial Revolution. This year many museums and galleries across the country […]

Historic theft at RAMM

The letter reads: Exeter City Police Detective Department 1st December 1912 Stolen from the R.A.M. Museum during the past three months, the following articles are listed, sometimes accompanied with little drawings Basalt Club (“meri”) New Zealand, marked 1185, about 14 inches long. Illustrated. War Axe (“Taawisch” or “Tsuskiah”), having the socket end of the short […]

Stories About Repatriations – a comic

Stories about Repatriations: Journeys to complete the work issue 1 was released in November 2017 and is the work of American anthropologists Sonya Atalay and Jen Shannon, and illustrator John G. Swogger. Stories is intended to help Native peoples, archaeologists, historic preservation officers, museum administrators and others involved in repatriation decisions to understand both the obligations and the impact of NAGPRA […]

Molluscs from George Montagu – Type Specimens at RAMM

New research by Dr Graham Oliver, staff at RAMM and at the Natural History Museum, London has identified type and potential type material in shell collections once belonging to Colonel George Montagu. View Montagu’s type material View all of Montagu’s collection (this will be gradually added to, approximately 600 lots) Colonel George Montagu (1753-1815) is one […]