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Quagga hoof – not as simple as it seems

The Quagga – gone but not forgotten Like the Dodo and the Great Auk, the Quagga is something of an emblem of extinction. In part this may be because of its extraordinary name, on which more later. But maybe it is because, unlike the first two, it is one of the extinct species that survived […]

The role of women on display

Many indigenous cultures are patriarchies (societies in which men hold power) and therefore the prestigious items are generally made and used by men. These also happen to be the items that are on display in most museums, with  RAMM being no exception. This leads to some absence of women and their roles in society in […]

A closer look at South Africa

Their presence was part of the Designation-funded Africa project to explore a sizeable collection of museum objects from South Africa. Much of this material was beadwork that had been acquired during the early 19th century. Unfortunately, early descriptions of location and function were largely inaccurate. RAMM has little in the way of beaded material from the Zulu Kingdom […]

Social Fabric exhibition installation

Courtesy of the British Museum, a colourful display of codified textiles from eastern and southern Africa will feature in Gallery 22.   The exhibition also features two examples from RAMM’s ethnography collection; a kanga from Kenya that celebrates the United Nations’ Decade for Women conference in 1985 and a head cloth made in Eritrea which depicts the double portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and […]