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Data handwritten in black ink on sheet: ‘Nr Lochnager 3000ft June 10.48.’...

Parasitic jaeger eggs

Clutch of 2 bird eggs collected on June 1st 1947. The record card reads: ‘Nest a lined scrape on lower slope of hillside male bird which was much in attendance...

Whimbrel eggs

A clutch of three bird eggs collected in 1927. It was made illegal to collect the eggs of most British wild birds by the Protection of Birds Act in 1954....


Data handwritten in blue ink on sheet: ‘Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L) Spreng./ Bear Berry/ Above Loch Brandy, Clova, Forfar, 2200ft/ June 15th 1931 WKM.’ Also written in pencil below: ‘354/1.’...

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