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The role of women on display

Many indigenous cultures are patriarchies (societies in which men hold power) and therefore the prestigious items are generally made and used by men. These also happen to be the items that are on display in most museums, with  RAMM being no exception. This leads to some absence of women and their roles in society in […]

Guest Post – Grand Challenges 2015 at RAMM

After making small talk, our group (from various backgrounds and disciplines) became quickly at ease with the fellow students and made our way to our challenge. It was focused around the problem of archiving –what we should choose to keep and preserve and well as why it is important to keep artefacts from the past […]

RAMM meets Blackfoot representatives

The project is led by Dr. Alison Brown, University of Aberdeen, with Dr. Anita Herle, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (CUMAA), University of Cambridge as the other UK museum partner. The project’s objective is to bring together Blackfoot nations representatives of Canada and the USA with museum curators in the UK who care for Blackfoot items; specifically the Cambridge […]