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Common topknot

On the 11th of October 1938 T E Arscott caught this fish at Maer Rocks, Exmouth. It still has the hook in its mouth. When this specimen was first preserved...

Tope/school shark

These are some scales from a type of dogfish, known as a tope shark, viewed under a microscope. They were collected in Ireland, in Dog’s Bay....


This bream was caught in Molesey Reservoir by an angler in 1926. It weighed 5lb 10oz and was donated to the Museum in 1958 along with several other specimens. Bream...

Ocean sunfish

This fish can grow to an astonishing size and holds the record for the heaviest bony fish (excluding sharks). They are known to feed on jelly fish and have a...

Great pipefish

In life, greater pipefish are greeny-brown in colour and can be found on many of the UK’s southern and western coasts. In May 1907 the museum purchased this male from...

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