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Ocean Flowers

This unique artists' book by Susan Derges and John Wedgwood Clarke includes 23 Giclée prints and 23 poems. They created the work for the ‘Sea Garden’ exhibition at RAMM in...

Photographs in RAMM’s collections

In April 2019 I joined RAMM as Assistant Curator of Photographs. I will be at RAMM for six months as part of the V&A Photography Curators’ Training programme, which is funded by the Art Fund. The past few weeks I have spent reviewing the photographs and photographs related material in RAMM’s collections. I started with […]

Quagga hoof – not as simple as it seems

The Quagga – gone but not forgotten Like the Dodo and the Great Auk, the Quagga is something of an emblem of extinction. In part this may be because of its extraordinary name, on which more later. But maybe it is because, unlike the first two, it is one of the extinct species that survived […]

Botany for sale: the economics of empire

In preparation for two exciting upcoming shows (A Language of Seeds and Seedscapes: Future-Proofing Nature) I have spent time with RAMM’s botany collections. Some plant specimens are local – collected within a few miles of RAMM. Others originate thousands of miles away. In one section of the store there are plant specimens that hold great […]

The Montagu collection of shells receives Designation award

Pioneering naturalist George Montagu (1753-1815) George Montagu was the first person to collect and name British molluscs in a truly scientific manner. The shells were not just attractive curios. Montagu’s pioneering work revolutionised the study of molluscs. His collection of marine, land and freshwater shells it part of RAMM’s natural history collection. The Montagu collection […]

Frederick Gordon Tutton – A pioneer of early colour photography

‘A Domestic Affair’ shows an arrangement of colourful vegetables and kitchen utensil. Tutton’s widow Elsie Eliza Tutton (née Davis) donated it to the Museum in 1934. This print is a good example of early colour photography. It is a so-called tri-colour carbro print and was made in the mid-1920s. This was a very complex and […]


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Story of the Bad Homburg wild boar – tales of tails

I was curious. What did Exeter give in return? Why choose a boar? Was he a special wild boar? How did he arrive in Exeter? Yet RAMM’s collections database offered little more information than was on the brass plaque on the boar’s wooden plinth. RAMM’s paper archive held nothing of relevance either. I wanted to […]