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Derrick Worton’s Butterfly Collection

Currently, I am studying for a Masters degree in International Heritage Management and Consultancy at the University of Exeter. A work placement forms part of my studies. I’m fortunate to...

Indian botanical drawings

Indian botanical drawings discovered to be by three of the most renowned late 18th-century Indian painters – Sheikh Zain al-Din, Bhawani Das and Ram Das.

Stories About Repatriations – a comic

Stories about Repatriations: Journeys to complete the work issue 1 was released in November 2017 and is the work of American anthropologists Sonya Atalay and Jen Shannon, and illustrator John...

Reconstructing the Honiton hippo

In 1968 the first Honiton bypass was built. The Ministry of Transport found fossil hippo bones while digging the road. RAMM has reconstructed an almost complete lower jaw from the fragments of bone.

Access to the Seaton Down Hoard

Conserving Roman coins The treatment of a Roman coin is not normally daunting for an experienced archaeological conservator. It is almost a routine treatment. It involves cleaning the surface by...

Miss Linter’s Legacy

Miss Linter’s collection of exotic land snail shells is of considerable significance. Yet, for a long time researchers believed it was sold after her death and lost to science. At...

DCMS Wolfson grant for World Cultures

Last year in 2017, RAMM successfully received a grant of £190,000 from DCMS Wolfson to make physical improvements to the World Cultures gallery. This scheme is to be completed by...

Magic lantern slides

New area of research One of the joys of working with RAMM’s collection is exploring the less well known groups of objects. Within this category is our collection of magic...