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Japanese triptych book

...Ichibei (Kansendō publishing house) This triptych is typical of the ‘great armies’ genre that was popular with Utagawa School artists in the mid-19th century. These big set piece prints revived...

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Museums and Universities

Recognising our strengths Conversations between museum staff and universities are becoming more frequent. The academics realise that public impact is key to the success of their research projects, and they...

Research into Melanesian human skulls

...itself characteristic of Melanesian trophy/ancestor skulls which generally display a diverse range of decorative modifications. The Fly River skull features seeds and wood plug in the eye socket and a...

Access to the Seaton Down Hoard

...a danger of removing important information by accident.   Conserving the Seaton Down Hoard For the Seaton Down Hoard we have chosen a very different approach putting an emphasis on...

Lantana bead collection

...yield fall to women. If this were something that is simply contained within the past, then it may not require a second thought. However, these ideas of gender-based roles are...