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Ear of wheat

1 ear of wheat on stalk, green card label, data handwritten in black ink; ‘Modern Egyptian Wheat: gathered in the fields there’. From the collection of W E C...

Ear of bread wheat

1 ear of wheat on stalk threaded through card label, data hand written in black ink; ‘ I saw in Egypt hundreds of acres of wheat in ear - it...

Ear of pedigree wheat

1 ear of wheat on stalk sewn onto sheet of stiff herbarium paper, accompanied by printed cutting, newsprint type, with illustration of similar ear of wheat and explanatory text; ‘Grown...

Poor Man’s Gold

One of the most exciting things about being a textile conservator is that it allows one to closely observe the way an item is constructed and what it is made from. Often there is a surprise in store particularly when an unusual material is used. In 2011 when RAMM reopened after its redevelopment a stunning […]

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