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Blunt-spined brittle star

Brittle stars are related to starfish. The label in the jar reads ‘Ophiocoma echinata (Lamark). BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS, in shallow water on coral reef, collected by C. G. Talmage, Dec. 1882....


This starfish is part of the Sladen collection. It was collected during the Triton Expedition at Station 10 (59040’N 7021’W) in the Faroe Channel. Depth 944m. Bottom temperature: 7.80C....


Label in the jar reads ‘Plutonaster bifrons (Wyville Thomson). From the FAROE CHANNEL, 555 fathoms [1015m]. “Triton” Expedition, Station 11.’ Date: 28/08/1882. Bottom temperature: 7.50C. Exact Location: 59029’N 7013’W....


Label reads: ‘Mimaster tizardi, Sladen. From the FAEROE CHANNEL, 516 fathoms [944m]. “Triton Expedition, Station 10. SLADEN COLLECTION’. Bottom water temperature 7.80C. Location: 59040’N 7021’W. Date: 24.08.1882...

Japanese triptych book

Japanese triptych book About 1860. Colour woodblock print. Utagawa (Gountei) Sadahide , Utagawa Yoshitora, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Utagawa Kunitsuna, Morikawa Chikashige, Utagawa Yoshifusa and Toyohara Kunichika. Triptych book formed by 12 ukiyo-e prints by various woodblock print designers that include scenes from the renowned tale of the 47 Ronin and other historical and battle scenes. The […]


Donated to the museum in 1933 by Exeter-resident Lieutenant-Colonel R.J. Saumarez. Page 1: Utagawa Yoshitora (active c.1836 -1887) Date: 1863 Publisher: Maruya Tetsujiro (Enjudo publishing house) This depicts a scene at the court of...

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