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A curator looking at textiles in London

...Akwete women are involved in all three cotton processes; ginning – where cotton fibres and seeds are separated; bowing – making the cotton fibres fluffy and spinning – pulling cotton......utilises cotton and is decorated with red and black motifs on a white background. RAMM’s example is of this style; a single width of cloth composed of supplementary weft float......patterns in thicker red cotton that feature the ikaki or tortoise motif. These designs feature only on one side, not both. While several motifs are used by the Igbo, the...

A modern Amazon and its effects

...the time of the Amazon Rubber Boom. In the 16th century, Walter Raleigh observed women in Guyana wearing cotton garments around their waist (see Figure 1). No observations of bead-decorated......Western metals and trade goods, such as glass beads, became ornamentation on items such as the queyu. The Wai Wai of Guyana would traditionally have decorated their cotton aprons with...

Botany for sale: the economics of empire

...for making paper. Liberian coffee – a more disease resistant species Seed head of the cotton plant. Used for oil and textiles. A west Indian climbing shrub knowns as chew...