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American mink

In 1951, the first American mink arrived at Mr J.H.F. Stevenson’s Peregrine fur farm on the borders of Dartmoor, near Moretonhampstead. Mink became one of the most sought-after furs in...


Table manners in this period underwent great changes. People started using individual drinking jugs, rather than large communal jugs and wooden cups. Stoneware jugs were favoured for being strong and...

Gerald Durrell – A Zoo In My Luggage

When I started volunteering at the museum Holly Morgenroth, RAMM’s Natural Sciences curator, took me into the ‘wet store’ at The Ark. This is the room where all the specimens preserved in some kind of fluid – usually alcohol or formalin – are stored. Most are starfish, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Many of the preservative […]


Echinoderm fossils from the collection of Percy Sladen....


Label found with object (written in 1974): ‘Diploblastus sp. Ste Genevieve. Huntsville, Alabama. A.S. Horowitz.’ Old label: ‘Genus (?) new species. St Louis limestone. near Huntsville, Ala.’ Sladen collection....


Fossil echinoderm fragments from the Sladen collection. No data....


‘Challenger Expedition: Station 167A. Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand. Depth 18m. Surface temp. 10.80C.’ From the Sladen collection....


‘Challenger Expedition: Station 49. South of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Depth 155m. Surface temp. 4.70C. Bottom temp. 1.70C.’ 20.5.1873 Sladen collection....

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