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A Baka man seated by a campfire

Nomadic peoples under pressure – the Baka of Cameroon

In the upcoming Nomads: Homes on the Move exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM), people are invited to explore alternative ways of living from around the world. While appreciating these lifeways, we also aim to illustrate how they are under threat by Western colonial conservation projects.

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Page one of letter from Exeter police to RAMM

Historic theft at RAMM

Within the Museum’s historic archive there exists a letter from the Exeter City Police dated 1st December 1912. Written by the city’s Chief Constable, the letter lists a number of artefacts that were stolen from the gallery. Many of these items were never recovered, and the thief wasn’t caught.

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New display case in the World Cultures gallery

DCMS Wolfson grant for World Cultures

Last year in 2017, RAMM successfully received a grant of £190,000 from DCMS Wolfson to make physical improvements to the World Cultures gallery. This scheme is to be completed by April this year and includes the installation of a ventilation system, track lighting and three new display cases. Why are these things needed? For those of you who already visit […]

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