faja (sash)


Made early 2000s. Kaqchikel weavers in Santa Catarina Palopó specialise in single-faced brocading. Woven on the backstrap loom, this red and blue warp-striped woman's sash is embellished with brocaded designs at one end. These were achieved with supplementary weft threads of glistening artificial silk. Tufts of thread are visible on the underside.

In recent decades, synthetic threads in vibrant colours have largely replaced older types of thread. Designs are similar to those used to pattern traditional styles of huipil. The warp was wound directly round the end bars of the loom: the ends of the sash remain unworked. (In most places, the severed warp-ends of sash are knotted, braided or twisted).

Collected 2007

This object is not on display.

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