Prince Albert memorial bookmark (bookmark)


Punched paper and card could be purchased at a stationers to make useful articles like this bookmark.
Affordable materials like perforated paper or stiffer cardboard were purchased ready-made in different shapes and sizes. The edges were often finished in a lace effect. Text printed on the paper made the lines easier to follow when stitching, or blank bookmark shapes could be purchased without guides for text and patterns. The thread is simply passed through the holes in the paper to stitch the letters. Perforated paper was available in counts from 10 to 28 holes per inch (50.8 mm), making it a popular and versatile easy to use ground for simple embroidery.

A portrait of Prince Albert is pasted to the top of this little bookmark as a momento mori. The owner kept it carefully covered with a crimson silk ribbon.

This object is not on display.

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