Exeter Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace (drawing)


Sidney Endacott’s (1873-1918) father encouraged him to develop his talent for drawing and wood carving. At the age of 20, after being educated at Ashburton Grammar School and Blundells School in Tiverton, Sidney joined his two brothers in Lawrence, Kansas. Here General Roberts commissioned Sidney to create wood carvings his new mansion called the Castle. After this Sidney returned to England and took up employment with J Wippell and Company in Exeter as a carver and stained glass artist. The London Art Journal wrote the he was ‘one of the four best watercolour artists in England and perhaps the best sculptor of life-sized crucifixes of the 19th Century’.

Sidney suffered from ill health from a early age, osteomyelitis brought on by two serious falls, which impacted on his ability to work. By his mid 30s large works were beyond his capabilities and he turned to smaller sketches. Worth's Gallery commissioned him to produce 19 series of paintings which were reproduced as postcards for the growing tourist trade.


S Endacott
1430 B 3677

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