Magic Lantern Slide: Polyporus Schweinitzii. On living Scots Fir (slide)


This slide is part of a set showing different types of fungus. The slides were bought by the Royal Albert Memorial College in 1933 to use as a teaching aid in classes for local men and women. Each image is a photographic print which has been hand-coloured. They were made and sold by CT Green who was a medical practitioner and amateur botanist in Cheshire.


Handwritten 'POLYPORUS SCHWEINITZII. Pores' on top edge
''Black Heart' in Conifers 15/1933.24' on top binding strip
'Polyporus Schweinitzii. Fries. / 12'' diameter. C Theodore Green. FLS. / on living Scots Fir, Surrey. Sept. 1932. Slide 1933.'

This object is not on display.

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