Honiton lace sampler (lace)


In 2014 The Devon Lace Teachers published this Honiton lace sampler in '121 Hontion Lace Fillings'. Christine Hawken was a talented maker, teacher and researcher. Two books of her patterns and fillings were sold in her memory with all proceeds given to HospiceCare. When The Devon Lace Teachers dissolved in 2023 they gave Christine's collection to RAMM.

Fillings are:
Centre Section top to bottom: Four Pin Block & Pin; Leadwork Squares, Snowflake with Four Pin Centre, Whole Stitch Block & Leadworks V5, Four Pin Lattice & Leadworks, Four Pin Block & Pin, Encircled Snowflake, Whole Stitch Block & Crossed Threads, Four Pin Lattice, Four Pin & Half Stitch Plait Diamond, Encircled Snowflake with a hole, Straight pin & Horizontal Threads.

Centre - Half Stich Plait with Leadworks.

Outer Edge - clockwise, Snowflake with a Hole, Purl Pin Bars & Leadworks, Whole Stitch Bars & Cartwheel, Snowflake half stitch, Zig-zag Rib & Leadworks, Two Rib Zig-zag linked with Leadworks, Snowflake, Diamond, Leadworks & Open Crossing.

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