Captain Charles Proby (painting)

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Charles Proby saw active service in the War of the Austrian Succession (1741-48), the Seven Years War (1756-63), the War of American Independence (1775-83) and the French Revolutionary Wars from 1793. Following his career at sea, he became Commissioner of the Royal Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth.

Reynolds grew up close to the Plymouth dockyards and regularly undertook commissions from naval officers. From 1760, as a successful portrait painter
in London, he capitalised on the fashion created by Batoni and others for noblemen to commission images of themselves for their collections. His portraits were often idealised and dramatised, and he excelled in painting ‘men of action’ such as Captain Proby.


Sir J Renolds PRA 107 Portrait of Captain Chas Proby. Nearly three-quarter length, turned to right facing the spectator in blue naval coat and grey rest embroidered with gold braid. Inscribed JR. 29 in by 24 in

This object is not on display.

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