You Are Here: python (reptile: snake)

Fine Art


Polly Morgan created ‘You Are Here’ in response to RAMM’s natural history collections and the theme of ‘Home to a Million Thoughts’. The artwork features a coiled snake on a plinth. The snake is a reference to the Ouroboros, an ancient emblem of a serpent eating its own tail. It symbolises the constant recreation of something – a fitting symbol of RAMM’s own recent reinvention.

Polly Morgan studied with Scottish taxidermist George Jamieson. Over the past fifteen years she has played with taxidermy traditions, creating unsettling sculptures that question our often sentimentalised view of the natural world. Polly Morgan’s art has caught the imagination of collectors, curators and audiences around the world, and RAMM is incredibly pleased to be working with her. In recent years Polly has exhibited across the UK and in Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the United States.

This object is not on display.

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