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Fridays for Future Exeter created this banner. Part of the wider global youth movement started by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, this group of young people local to Exeter grew from January 2019. Their work centres on organising monthly strikes in Exeter, raising awareness of the escalating climate crisis, and encouraging urgent action from local organisations.

The banner relates to the Global Climate Strike held on the 20 September 2019: an international protest involving seven million people world-wide simultaneously demanding climate justice. In 4500 locations, across 150 countries, young climate protesters joined a diverse range of workers striking for the cause. Around 5000 locals took to the streets in Exeter, waving a rainbow of placards which stressed both the dangers of the crisis, but also inspired hope. Led by Fridays for Future Exeter, the protesters marched from Princesshay Shopping Centre to Devon County Council’s buildings, where speeches and workshops were held throughout the day.

The youth group created a series of banners for organisations in Exeter to display during the strike. Painted by Lauren Winch, RAMM’s banner hung on the RAMM’s elephant. Its placement and slogan ‘RAMM Supports Climate Strike! Protect the History and Future of our Planet!’ highlighted the perilous state of all life on earth and the need to act urgently in its defence. Just as the museum safeguards our heritage for future generations, the strike conveyed the need to do the same for our environment and those who depend upon it.

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