Seaton Down Roman coin hoard (coin hoard)

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Ownership/credit: RAMM acquired the coins with help from a generous donation by Patrick and Sally Long, Clinton Devon Estates, Thomson Reuters, Devon County Council and many members of the public. Patrick and Sally Long were particularly keen that the coins are preserved for inspiration and wonder of children. The conservation and display of the hoard and a project to engage with East Devon schools and communities was funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund with further public donations.

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The Seaton Down coin hoard consists of approximately 22,888 coins. The vast majority are 4th century nummi associated with Constantine I, his family and other sub-emperors of the time. A few examples of earlier radiates were found with the hoard but these must have been in accidental circulation at the time.

The coins were found with 3 iron ingots and excavations recovered a few associated finds that may be associated with a leather sack that once contained the coins.

The hoard was found by metal-detectorist Laurence Egerton who was detecting on land belonging to Clinton Devon Estates near Seaton.

This object is on display at RAMM in the Making History gallery.

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