Stone family miniatures (miniatures)

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John Stone was an Exeter Silversmith. RAMM has some spoons and a small silver elephant in the collection, made by John Stone. (See 79/1963/1-5 and 49/1990.)
The miniature paintings depict the following:

Top middle: John Stone (b 1799)
Centre: Anna Betty Roberts Hart (b. 1805 in Plympton). Married John Stone 15 December 1835.

Their children:
Top right: Thomas Hart Stone (16 April 1837-1873) also a silversmith
Bottom right: Anna Matilda Stone (b. 10 February 1843) married Thomas CW Saunders a 'sugar boiler'
Bottom Middle: George Stone (b. 28 March 1848) possibly a farmer in Somerset
Bottom left: Mary Stone (16 July 1851-1896)
Top left: Henry Stone 27 November 1839  possibly became a tin plate worker


[Top middle] Married Dec 15 1835. J.S. 1799. A. S. 1805 / [Top right] T.H.S. April 16.1837 / [Bottom right] A.M.S. February 10.1843 / [Bottom Middle] G.S. March 28.1848 / [Bottom left] M.S. July 16.1851 / [Top left] H.S. November 27.1839
Stone Family Exeter. Painted by Hilda Trimble’s Cousin. H. T.’s mother M.S 1851. Given to J Howell by Godmother H Trimble. Matford

This object is not on display.

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