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Clive Bowen moved to Appledore in the 1960s and had a four year apprenticeship with Michael Leach in Yelland, North Devon, from 1965 to 1959. He was employed throwing pots at Brannams in Barnstaple in the 1970s and had his own pottery at Shebbear in North Devon from 1971. Bowen visited Michael Cardew at Cardew’s pottery at Wenford Bridge near Bodmin, and was 'inspired by his example'.
This teapot is a classic Clive Bowen teapot shape and has a potter’s mark which dates the pot to between 1971-1975. Bowen only marked pots in the first years at Shebbear Pottery. He was Influenced by the Japanese philosopher, Soetsu Yanagi’s book, The Unknown Craftsmen (1972), and latterly believed it was better not to mark pots, allying his work with the unknown makers of earlier domestic pottery.

This object is not on display.

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