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Benjamin Fawcett was one of the finest of the nineteenth century woodblock colour printers. Born in Bridlington in December 1808, he was the son of a ship’s master. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed for seven years to William Forth, a Bridlington bookseller and printer. In 1831 he set up in business as a book seller, printer, stationer, in Middle Street Driffield. He worked with The Rev Francis Orpen Morris, an association which first began in 1844 and was to last 50 years. Morris produced text for books which Fawcett financed and printed. Their first collaboration was Bible natural history, issued in monthly parts in 1849 and completed in 1850. Their first success was A History of British Birds, which took seven years to complete from June 1850, was undertaken in monthly parts. This was followed by other publications: A Natural History of the nests and eggs of British birds, A History of British Butterflies, A History of British Months and their last collaboration The County Seats of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland.


Red Breast

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