Hip belt

Such belts are worn by unmarried girls to attract the attention of young men at the many youth dances. More than one belt was worn. They were never sold in the market but could be exchanged privately for one goat or two depending upon width. Decorated with various symbols such as the triangle (misyi) which refers to a big arrow could be a reference to an old type of house.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Personal ornament
Common Name
hip belt
Simple Name
hip belt
Full Name
hip belt (musyondo)
whole diameter 255 mm; whole width 34 mm
Cultural Group
Production Year High
Production Country
Production Area Region
East Africa
Production Continent
Family Group

glass; organic fibre; organic fibre
Function Name
adornment and dance regalia
Function Detail
Kamba hip belt (Musyondo sing. Misyondo pl. or ivate) of three cores wound around with beads. That baobab fibre is also used to thread the beads. Hip belts seem to be called musyondo if worn over clothing and iliki if worn under clothing.

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