Bow case

This bow case is from the Northern Plains region of Canada. Geometric beaded designs, outlined with a line of white beads, are a characteristic of Crow (Apsaroke) work. The floral beadwork style spread to the Plains from the eastern Woodlands. This kind of bowcase and quiver, made of otter skin and popular with both the Plateau and Plains groups, was a widely-distributed style, almost certainly originating with the Crow.

The two long flaps were decorated with quill embroidery, later with beadwork, as here (we have replaced the missing beaded panel with a photographic image). In this example, the otter skin remains, but there are only fragments of its once luxuriant fur. It was collected before 1877.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Arms and armour
Common Name
bow case
Simple Name
bow case
Full Name
bow case and quiver
Whole length 1010 mm; Whole W 445 mm
Cultural Group
Production Year High
Production Parish
possibly Siksika
Production County
Northern Plains, Alberta
Production Country
Production Area Region
North America
Production Continent
North America
Family Group

otter skin; tradecloth; glass bead
Function Name
missile propulsion
Collection Area Region
Collection Continent

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