Palm-fibre turtle

This is a turtle made from buriti palm fibre. It is a toy and a tourist souvenir. The Kuikuru who made this live in the Amazon forest in a protected national park that was created in 1961 to protect the environment and the indigenous people who live there. The Kuikuru, amongst other communities, have been affected by the presence of Europeans since the early seventeenth century and population numbers have dwindled considerably until recent years. The forest is still being threatened by deforestation, arable farming and mining.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Toys dolls and games
Common Name
palm-fibre turtle
Simple Name
Full Name
child’s toy
Whole length 135 mm; Whole W 53 mm; Whole H 23 mm
Cultural Group
Production Year High
Production County
Amazon Forest
Production Country
Production Area Region
South America
Production Continent
Latin America and the Caribbean
Family Group

fibre (buriti palm)
Function Name
Function Detail
This small toy is in the shape of a turtle and comes from South America. It is made from twisted and woven plant material with its shell and eyes highlighted in a contrasting coloured plant. Similar methods would have been used to make baskets.
Collection Area Region
Collection Continent

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