Caterpillar drawings

This illustration is a page from a volume of William Buckler’s watercolour drawings of butterfly and moth caterpillars. Reverend John Hellins, a friend of Buckler’s and the vicar at Exeter jail, complied it. Hellins writes ‘Figures commenced to be placed in this book Feb 21 1861 with very few exceptions they are by Mr W Buckler – of Emsworth, Hants – who has generously sent me his figures of all species of Lepidopterous larvae – which for any reason were not secured at once in his own Book. J.H.’

The notes read:

WB Eulepia Cribrum. Weekly Entomologist.I.94. April 26. 1862 reared from the eggs on [?]. fine woodgrass + whirtleberry [?] in [?] 1861 full fed June 1st. 1862 - moth out June 24th.

WB Nemeophila plantaginis Septr 10. 1864. on plantago major. β June 8. 1865.

WB Lasiocampa quercus. Oct 24. 1864. on plum. Epping. β April 24. 1865. Same larva. γ June 10th 1871 - variety on sloe from A.H. Jones died June 20th.
Copied from a sketch by H. Doubleday - published in Scottish Naturalist April 1873. Bombyx Quercus Roboris. Schrk. The form found in the south of England: the white spot on the forewing not visible on the underside; stiga on the hind wing turned in; larva feeds entirely on blackthorn; remains about a month in pupa; the moth out in August.

WB Lasiocampa Callunae? Nov. 18. 1864. on bramble. North Devon april 1. 1865. Same larva. July 25. 1865. Do.
Mr H . Doubleday belived these are two discinct species confounded under the name Lasiocampa quercus. Standinger however in his catalogue (1871) names but one species - calling Calluna. Spatrii - Robornis varieties and aberations.

From Scottish Naturalist April. 1873 Bombyx Quercus. Linn Calluna. Palmer. The form found in Scotland, Treland + Dartmoor: the white spot on the forewing is visible also on the underside the stiga on the underwing [?] outwards again: larva feeds on heather: remains in pupa over the winter.
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watercolour, pencil, ink on paper
Common Name
caterpillar drawings
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lepidoptera larvae drawings
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Period Classification
Victorian (1837-1901)
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