Faunal bone assemblage

A small assemblage of animal bone collected during a development-led excavation of a post-Roman cemetery site with residual Romans finds near Kenn. The assemblage totals less than one box and is thought to be in a poor state of preservation. it has not been studied or published.
Accession Loan No.
Simple Name
archaeological archive
Full Name
faunal bone, human remains
Collector / Excavator
Exeter Archaeology
Collection Country
United Kingdom: England
Common Name
faunal bone assemblage
bone (animal)
Period Classification
Roman (43-410); Dark Age (400-700); Early Medieval (1200-1400)
Collection Class
Devon archaeology
Collection Contintent
Collection Area Region
Northern Europe
Collection Town
Collection County
Collection Site Name
Kenn to Ashcombe pipeline (1995)
Family Group

Created At
2016-10-13 15:45:35
Updated At
2020-01-28 11:42:39

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