Wild boar

The 'Bad Homburg Boar' is a splendid piece of taxidermy. He was a gift from the City of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe in Germany to the City of Exeter in 1990. In 1965 the two cites twinned and the boar marks the 25th anniversary of the partnership.
The anniversary gift of the boar arrived at the museum with great ceremony. Dignitaries accompanied the boar as he was brought into the museum. All of a sudden the hunter who shot the boar exclaimed that the boar’s tail was on backwards! There was an almighty kerfuffle while this was sorted out and the procession continued. It turns out that the boar’s entry into the UK caused suspicion. Customs decided to completely search the mount for hidden packages and pulled off the tail in the process!
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Common Name
wild boar
Simple Name
Full Name
SUIDAE: Sus scrofa Linnaeus: wild boar
Period Classification
Modern (1945-); Modern (1900-)
Family Group

Collection Town
Bad Homburg vor der Hohe
Collection Country
Germany: SW Hesse
Collection Area Region
Collection Continent
CHORDATA: Vertebrata
Sus Linnaeus

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