These beads were found in 1889 when a plough horse called 'Darling' put its foot through the top of a stone lined chamber. The beads were probably made locally but of special materials, so the necklace may have been worn as an amulet or had magical powers. The dark beads are lignite, a stone that can be highly polished. The white and blue beads are made of faience, a type of ceramic made from crushed quartz, copper and tin.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Devon archaeology
Common Name
Simple Name
Period Classification
Bronze Age (2600-700 BC)
Family Group

shale; pottery; amber; faience
Collection Site Name
Beacon Hill, North Molton
Collection Town
North Molton
Collection County
Collection Country
United Kingdom: England
Collection Area Region
Northern Europe
Collection Continent

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