Oil lamp depicting Eros riding a pig

This lamp was described by its collector as ‘Rounded nozzle with volutes: solid circular handle. Pink clay with bright red glaze; 4.5in. by 2.8in. Relief: Boy (possibly wingless Eros) seated slightly to left, apparently on a pig, the head and forelegs of which appear behind his left leg. In his right hand he holds a straight rod pointing to the base of a tree before him, and a chlamys falls over his left arm. On bottom, incuse mark in form of a foot-print. Fine style. First century A.C. (sic)’. It belonged to Lieutenant Colonel Montague who collected over 800 classical archaeological objects, which he bequeathed to the museum on his death.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Common Name
oil lamp depicting Eros riding a pig
Simple Name
Full Name
oil lamp depicting Eros riding pig
length 115 mm; W 75 mm; TH 40 mm
Cultural Group
Period Classification
Roman Imperial - 31 BC-476 AD
Family Group

Collector / Excavator
Montague, LAD, Lieutenant Colonel
Collection Continent

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