Intaglio ringstone with image of Hermanubis

This ringstone is made from blue glass and shows an image of the god Hermanubis, a Greek version of the Egyptian jackal-headed god. He is standing with his right leg straight and left leg bent, wearing a crown, and with a garment draped over one shoulder leaving his torso bare. In his right hand he is holding a palm branch and on his left is a winged staff called a caduceus. Behind him is a small jackal, the symbol of Anubis.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Common Name
intaglio ringstone with image of Hermanubis
Simple Name
Full Name
intaglio ringstone depicting Hermanubis
Period Classification
Roman Imperial - 31 BC-476 AD
Family Group

Collector / Excavator
Montague, LAD
Collection Town
Collection Country
Collection Area Region
North Africa
Collection Continent

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