Intaglio ringstone with image of Bacchic figures

This 'intaglio' ringstone shows the Greek god Dionysus or Roman god Bacchus with Ariadne, riding on the back of a panther. The panther has its head turned to the front and a garland around its neck. The figure riding side-saddle in front leans forward holding a ‘thyrsos’ with a streamer. The figure behind twists round with his right hand placed on the animal’s rump. Details of the anatomy are very carefully shown. The ringstone was found in the Roman province of Dalmatia, and was once part of the collection of Sir Arthur Evans.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Foreign archaeology
Common Name
intaglio ringstone with image of Bacchic figures
Simple Name
Full Name
intaglio ringstone depicting ? Dionysos/ Bacchus and Ariadne
W 13 mm; length 10 mm
Cultural Group
Period Classification
Roman Imperial - 31 BC-476 AD
Family Group

Collector / Excavator
Montague, LAD, Lieutenant Colonel
Collection Site Name
Scardona, Dalmatia
Collection Country
Collection Area Region
Southern Europe
Collection Continent

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