Riding habit

Hand-sewn to fit a young girl, this garment was probably intended to be worn during the summer months as a coverall for walking or riding. The natural unbleached and undyed cotton fabric was durable and closely woven making it suitable for summer footwear, outdoor and protective clothing. Dry dusty roads created clouds of dirt which would not penetrate or show on the surface of the stout nankeen cloth. Nankeen was originally made in China at Nanjing, the city which gives the fabric its name.
Accession Loan No.
Simple Name
Full Name
riding habit with low stomacher front
Common Name
riding habit
cotton, nankeen
Collection Class
Clothing and accessories
Production Year Low
Production Year High
Function Name
Outdoor dress
Function Detail
Probably worn as a walking or riding habit as a coverall during the summer months. Nankeen was chosen as a durable and closely woven fabric which would both protect other clothing and not show the dust created by dry summer roads.
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2016-10-13 16:49:27
Updated At
2016-10-13 16:49:27

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