This is a replica jacket of a type worn by the North West Mounted Police from 1876. This police force was established to “maintain order” in what was a huge land mass called the North-West Territories. This included Southern Alberta. Their duties combined the roles of the police, the military and the judiciary. If one thinks about the climate and the environment of this landscape these men had to work in, one can see how this uniform was considered impractical. The police unofficially adopted a dress that incorporated locally traded materials such as buckskin and fur.

The red serge cloth was a British broad cloth that was traded world-wide, particularly through the Hudson’s Bay Company and the British East India Company. This woollen cloth was created in the South-West region, such as Stroud and Devon. It is famously said that these popular cloths were “red for the army, white for the clergy and green for the billiard table”.

This replica was produced specifically for display at RAMM from 2005 by Lionel Digby of Flame Torbay Costume Hire Ltd in Devon.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
Clothing and accessories
Common Name
Simple Name
Full Name
North West Mounted Police jacket (1876 replica)
Production Person Surname
; ; ; ; Digby
Production Person Initials
; ; ; ; Lionel
Production Date
Production Country
Production Area Region
North America
Production Continent
North America
Family Group

wool; dye; silk
Function Detail
Replica of the post-Norfolk replacement jacket of 1876
Collection Area Region
Collection Continent

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