Sepiola: Onychoteuthis: squid

This drawing by PH Gosse depicts two squid belonging to the genera Sepiola and Onychoteuthis. Sepiola is also known as a bobtail squid due to their rounded shape. They are closely related to cuttlefish. Onychoteuthis is also known as the clubhook squid.
Accession Loan No.
Collection Class
paper collage on paper painted black
Common Name
Sepiola: Onychoteuthis: squid
Simple Name
Full Name
Sepiola: Onychoteuthis: squid
image H 578 mm; image length 453 mm; total sheet H 605 mm; total sheet length 480 mm
Production Person Surname
Production Person Initials
Philip Henry
Period Classification
Victorian (1837-1901)
Production Year Low
Production Year High
Production County
Production Country
United Kingdom: England
Production Area Region
Northern Europe
Production Continent
Family Group

Inscription / Transcription
Drawing of a small Squid called Sepiola, not frequently found on our coasts. The arms are provided with suckers, shown more highly magnified in the lower half of the sheet. Two of the arms are longer than the others and have suckers only at their clubbed extremities. This little animal can dart backwards by forcibly expelling water through a fleshy tube called the funnel. When at rest, it usually buries itself up to the eyes in sand or shingle, making a pit in the sand by blowing jets of water through the funnel by moving small stones one at a time by means of the arms. It has the power of rapidly changing its colour, and, if angered or alarmed, its hue is almost instantaneously altered from a pale parchment dotted with pink to a deep reddish brown. A drawing below, on the right hand, shows that the club of the tentacular arm in another Squid, called Onychoteuthis, is furnished with strong horny hooks.; Bottom 8 N3

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